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Connex for QuickBooks Pricing FAQs

We offer a 14-day, fully functional trial where you can sync up to 500 orders. No credit card or purchase is required. For more info on starting a trial, read our getting started guide.
We offer a full refund within 14 days. Between 15 and 30 days, we will refund your first monthly payment. After that, you are responsible for any charges you may incur. We do not prorate refunds for partial months. If you did not use our software or you subscribed to a plan higher than necessary, you are liable for payments until you cancel or downgrade. If you did not cancel in writing, then you are liable for any payments until we receive written notice or you cancel your subscription in the account area of your Connex for QuickBooks account.
You have one connection regardless of selling channels with these systems.
You may view your subscription plan details, including a transaction count, by selecting the My Subscription link under your account area in Connex for QuickBooks. 
Log into your Connex for QuickBooks account and select the Configure button in the Edit an Existing Connection area. Select the Activate License button in the left nav area. You will be prompted to enter the billing email address you used to purchase your subscription on our web store: Your configuration settings remain intact.
We offer live, set-up assistance for thirty minutes as part of the activation fee. Immediate phone support can be purchased for an additional charge. Email support is complimentary but limited to questions of general functionality.
Each selling channel that you connect to QuickBooks is one connection. If you're performing a two-way sync, such as orders to QuickBooks and inventory from QuickBooks, this is considered an additional connection. Ordoro, ShipStation, ShipWorks are one connection regardless of selling channels connected.
For paying subscribers, we offer a live set-up session using GoToMeeting. Please call or email us to schedule a time. Please have the admin login to your website and the admin login to QuickBooks ready. As a trial user, we provide email support.