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We offer a 14-day, fully functional trial where you can sync up to 500 orders. No credit card or purchase is required. For more info on starting a trial, read our getting started guide.
Yes, we support QuickBooks on local and remote machines, such as Right Networks. For some providers, they will pair the app for you because you cannot log directly into the remote machine. For more details please refer to this knowledge base article.
To see a live demo of our software, please register for a webinar. We have integration specific integration videos on our corporate site under Platforms.
Connex for QuickBooks can exchange orders between QuickBooks and your website. These orders can map to invoices, invoices with payments, sales orders, or sales receipts. Sales tax, line item details, and shipping will enter QuickBooks. The orders in QuickBooks will be a mirror image of your website's orders. The order's associated customer and products will sync with QuickBooks, if they do not exist.
Yes, our Cloud Cart Connector product supports QuickBooks Online. To start a trial, visit Cloud Cart Connector.
Connex for QuickBooks supports sales tax mapping for US and Canadian tax codes as well as VAT for Europe. Please refer to this knowledge base article for more information.
Yes, we support QuickBooks Canada.
QuickBooks for Mac allows no third parties to create integrations. You need QuickBooks for PC or a hosted edition of QuickBooks.
QuickBooks ProAdvisors are qualified professionals, certified in QuickBooks. A ProAdvisor will help customize QuickBooks to meet your unique requirements. To learn more about our recommended QuickBooks ProAdvisors, please visit our QuickBooks ProAdvisors page. These advisors are familiar with our integrations and can help you set up your QuickBooks to seamlessly integrate with your online sales channels.